!! VIDEO FOR AK 47 !! 

If you knew in advance that you would spend much more time than planned on doing something, would you still do it?

Well, when in the end you enjoy the result as much as we have, then you can’t argue with the fact that the effort did pay out and that all that passed time was just a small price to pay..

We started shooting the video for AK 47 sometime in October, honestly thinking we would have it by November 25 as announcement for the big promotion party following the release of our album “From Our Room To Yours”.

Then some complications with locations happened (permits, permits, permits). Then there was a lot of really bad weather. Then there were headaches and extra work. But in the end, there were enthusiastic people who made this video come to life as it is. Who did it all in their spare time, stealing away the time from their families to bring life and colorfulness into otherwise gray and dim footage. Neven Zubak had a vision and we followed him without a word. With a help from his brother Goran, they diligently converted this video, frame by frame, into a fairy dream land which with its mood and surrealistic colours perfectly describes the song’s atmosphere. 

Yet another broken heart love story? It might be, but we tell it like we see it, and there is nothing dignified in suffering, in feeling constantly betrayed and heartbroken. You may know it is not healthy and you should stop feeling like that, but if it were only that easy. If only there was a switch you could turn on and off, if only there was a metaphorical trigger you could pull, if only the pain could be ripped out and you could stop being a zombie.

The locations Neven picked couldn’t have been chosen better - splendid buildings and spaces with their vast strength and coldness can perfectly describe relationship between two people. You can admire them, you can respect them, you can be intimidated by them, you can feel small and insignificant, you can feel lost, found or totally indifferent. What you feel about something/someone comes out of you and out of your perception of the observed object. These visions can sometimes found a mutual ground. Sometimes, they are just an illusion.

Illusion of reality. Illustration of possible parallel reality. That is what we felt while shooting on the location of never finished hospital which should have brought so much to the community. To the people. All the money invested in someone’s idea of prosperity, of making people’s lives better is decaying more and more by each minute, even now as I type these letters and the thought of it is making us very sad. It seems that ‘others’ are always making some decisions that influence us, but if we raise our voice it only echoes back to us having nowhere to settle on the other side. (For those not familiar with the story - there is a huuuge hospital building whose built started probably some 20-25 (?) years ago. It never got finished although many governments have always raised that issue during the election times. So much money has been spent on it, and now it just sits there, rotting…).

This song could easily be about that. About injustice and about illusion of happiness which we await but which never comes. And we cannot take it anymore and we wish that there is someone who could just stop this agony and stop our misery. When we realize that the medicine is us - each of us is the one who can help us, maybe than we will be able to laugh at this song. I hope one day we will.

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