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Kimiko - Berlin (by KimikoTV)

The footage used for this video was recorded by Zoran & Lora on their road trip across USA in 2010 and is used here as background visual for the song. Most probably the song Berlin will be the 2nd single from the album From Our Room To Yours.

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22.11.2011 the album is officially out!

11 years and two weeks ago Lora met Zoran. It was the very first rehearsal of Lora’s new band Robbie Kane and the other co-founder Tomislav brought Zoran along as he knew he was into brit pop, just as Lora was. Two weeks later Lora and Zoran were an item. So much so, that for the next four years they didn’t do music at all. Then “Penguin in a Golden Coat” happened, reminding them how much fun it is to make and explore music. This experiment included blender, guitar, synth and some heavy sound processing and manipulaton. It reminded them that having a band gives you excuses to play with instruments more often, so they decided to gather one. Sometime later we will write about all the people that passed through Kimiko. But this is not about them. This is a love story.

And this love story’s baby is the album “From Our Room To Yours”, released to the world on this very special day. As everything else, this date was not chosen by chance.

Most of the songs from the album mark a special moment or a memory in their lives. No line and no sound is there by accident. One song happened when they were apart for a longer period of time. The other one is about losing someone close. There is a song about Lora’s weakness and there is a song about Zoran’s weakness. There is a song about their goals, about their love and about their fears. It took some time. They were often distracted both by other projects (3 years in Lollobrigida & recording their album certainly took them off the beaten track) and by their own laziness, but once determined and rid of all excess bagage, it didn’t take that long.

We are already thinking about the next one. While you will be discovering all the emotions and thrills of this album, we will already be working on something new. And we can already tell you that it will be something completely different. It will probably be a represenation of the feelings which we are experiencing right now. And these feelings are of pure joy and happiness that we have one big load off of our shoulders and that we can finally move on.

See you on the other side.

Buy/listen to our album here.

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About guests at the concert on the 25th

Rehearsals are going great, thank you very much for asking. Almost everything is set for the big promotion of our album “From Our Room To Yours” on Friday, 25th, in Močvara. We have Le Zbor joining us on stage for two songs, we have Lidija Dokuzović singing one of our songs (it will be tough to follow after her, but hey, we never claimed our voices and singing capabilities are great :P ). 
see a preview here:

We have Felon (who is also a supporting act for Kimiko that evening) helping us out in two songs and Lana will join us in one song with her beautifully sounding cello. 
see a preview here:

This will also be the very first concert with our whole performing concept reorganized. As we don’t have a sound guy, but are in desperate need of one, we again turned to that wonderful invention called computer for help. So, if it doesn’t crash (funnily enough, computers are still as reliable as humans) and cause some emotions like hatred towards our new little fellow, the new set up should be a big asset to our firm.

We’ve set up a project in Mainstage2 to contain channels for our vocals, synths, backing tracks and rhythm machines and we used our trusty Akai MPC1000 to queue all the effects and changes throughout a song. So, no more floor vocal effects and finally sound engineer at the club will have a control of our drum vocal and synth levels separately. Not to bore you with details, this is quite an improvement and we are excited to try it out. But if it fails us…..

So, the musical part of the evening is all set. In the next post, we will acknowledge the other aspect of the concert and all the people who unselfishly helped us to get what we wanted. And all of that just to make you, the ones who will attend, as comfortable and as special as we can. Signing off before we become more pathetic :P

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Preorder Kimiko album and make a good deed!

A lot is going on lately, we can barely manage to keep you updated : ) So, we got our album cloned in hundreds and we must say that they look quite dandy all wrapped in cellophane. It looks so lovely that our hearts tear a bit every time we have to unwrap one of our babies. But also, there is not a greater joy than seeing someone else unwrap it before our eyes and checking it out for the first time : ))) It already feels like Christmas in our camp : )

Since we are already in Christmas spirit, and since our record company encourages it, we are happy to announce that 15% from all our sales (album download or CD purchase + all merchandise) will be donated to an organization which helps gifted children to get, through various programs, necessary additional education, stimulants and motivation. Usually, very smart children might manifest all sorts of problems which a standard schooling system cannot recognize or just lacks a proper education in dealing with such kids, leaving them bored in class, unmotivated and frustrated. Endorsing programs which help such children express themselves and which challenge their intellect can only lead to a better world these kids will hopefully strive to create with their innovations and work. In these changeable times we live in, where little thought is given to the future, we need to find individuals and give them a proper boost in order to lead this world out of its hypocrite behaviour it is experiencing right now.

So, by pre-ordering and buying our album, you will not only get excellent music : ), but you will also make a small donation for, what we altruistically believe, a better world. Or, at least, some smart kid’s ideas won’t get smothered, but he or her will get a chance for proper attention and development and not end up crazy or mediocre.

Officially, album’s release date is November 22nd, but you can pre-order it NOW on our bandcamp page. You can also listen to the entire album, plus, we are giving our first single AK 47 free for download, because this is how nice people we are! : D

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The bun is in the oven!

We are waiting for our album to come out of the press and, as I promised before, it is time to tell a little bit more about the booklet.

I decided to go with a design which would accompany our story - everything we ever did we did in our home. We made ourselves a studio in our living room in which we recorded this album. Actually, our whole apartment was subjected to music making and music recording. So I wanted the booklet to also look “home made”, like something made offhand.

But also, I wanted to utilize the given space for something else, not just for the usual band stuff, and that’s when the idea of using this space for representing croatian photographers came into my mind. 

While leaving London after our mastering session, I bought myself a polaroid camera which I found by chance, in an almost hidden both at Piccadilly Circus underground (if I’m not mistaken). I took a picture of Zoran as we were waiting for the tube to take us to the airport and as I was looking at it developing right there, I knew what our album cover would look like and was very anxious to come home and make it.

Later on, I contacted four photographers and represented the idea about featuring their work in our booklet. Luckily, they were all willing. It definitely wasn’t an easy task choosing the right picture to accompany lyrics of a particular song, but without lyrics, it would have bean equally hard job. You need to choose just two or three photos among so many great photos which these wonderful people and photographers took. I know that for them each photo has its story, its emotions, and here I tried to interpret their work into ours. But, art is tricky like that, once you make something and let it live its own life, you must count on it being both appreciated and misused. Yet, it does stand there, open to anyone’s interpretation, and, for me, the beautiful moment happens when other person’s interpretation coincides with your own. I know that many artists don’t care about how their work will be interpreted or they themselves don’t have a fixed interpretation, but I usually do and I enjoy seeing that massage grasped by others, although, it is not my ultimate goal :P

If I had been choosing these photos on a different day, after a different meal, maybe after just having had sex or a terrible day at work (which probably was, I can’t miss with that one…), some other pictures would have been chosen for sure. But, let’s stop overanalyzing everything… here is the back side cover, in the next post, I’ll post the photos.

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2nd big announcement

It is not a secret anymore - Kimiko and Geenger Records are in love! This new-found relationship exchanged its first sparkles this summer, neither more nor less than during highly praised Terraneo festival which took place in Šibenik, a charming little Mediterranean city on the Croatian coast. For us, there is a nostalgic air to it, reminiscent of the first meeting which took place at the beloved Toni’s in Šibenik, everyone’s favourite meeting spot, a perfectly relaxed restaurant with nice beer, cheep luscious pizza and the best natural shade in town.

We were quite excited about everything and wanted to have things done right away. Of course, things need to take their natural course of developing, but we can finally deliver the good news - Kimiko has a label and the album “From Our Room To Yours” will be released on 22.11. (a date very dear to us and not chosen by accident) on Geenger Records

The artwork to accompany the album is almost done and we are very anxious to share it with you because it does have its uniqueness. We thought of using the booklet space (wanting to make a good deed :) ) to promote four young Croatian photographers throughout the CD booklet. This is just to get you intrigued, more about the album artwork is soon to come!

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1st big announcement

The album “From Our Room To Yours" is finally done. Yes, we have been ‘working’ on it for ages, but in actuality, we have spent much more time just talking about doing it and wishing we had the time to do it, rather than actually doing the work. By setting a date (people obviously ALWAYS need a due date to get anything done!) for mastering session with London’s Fluid Studio and its co-owner Tim Debney, we hit procrastination’s weak spot.

And so it happened, one song at a time, one bundle of nerves lost at a time, and we were more or less ready to give our baby a necessary nudge into the big scary world. Mastering session was a nice experience and for everyone out there asking themselves the ultimate question - do we really need to master our album - I will always vote for yes. No, miracles cannot be done in mastering. The same way as crapy recorded tracks cannot be saved in mix (forget about the well known catching-at-a-straw saying “it will be fixed in the mix”). Of course, if you have a decent mix (as we had ;) ), mastering engineer will have little to do. What mastering is all about is leveling your music, killing annoying frequencies and where-the-hell-did-these-came-from spikes and bringing your music to desired loudness (believe us, this cannot be done at home, unless your home is a mastering studio). Of course, we wanted to keep the dynamics in our tracks so we decided for a midrange loudness, but most of the bands just wanna sound like Avril Lavigne which kills all the joy of listening to music, and definitely can cause hearing damages and migraine. Or we are just too old and have already accepted the doctrine our parents have been molesting us with our whole lives - KEEP IT DOWN!

To make a long story short - the album is done. We might be unhappy with some parts, but you’ll never know which ones, so haha on you! We paid enough money to put a full stop, to know it is time to stop puckering the poor songs. Could it have been done better? Yes. Would it make any difference. I doubt it.  

We are in search of a label right now. If you can help, give as a howl! 2nd big announcement will be when we sign up. 3rd big announcement will be invitation to promotion of our album. 4th big announcement will be the tour “From Our Rooms To Your Venues”.

Stay with us. We will bring cookies.

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