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Treat your ears right. Download this album for free.

TODAY ONLY we are giving away our album FOR FREE - enjoy your Holidays with a little bit of Kimiko spirit and don’t eat all the cookies!! 

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About guests at the concert on the 25th

Rehearsals are going great, thank you very much for asking. Almost everything is set for the big promotion of our album “From Our Room To Yours” on Friday, 25th, in Močvara. We have Le Zbor joining us on stage for two songs, we have Lidija Dokuzović singing one of our songs (it will be tough to follow after her, but hey, we never claimed our voices and singing capabilities are great :P ). 
see a preview here:

We have Felon (who is also a supporting act for Kimiko that evening) helping us out in two songs and Lana will join us in one song with her beautifully sounding cello. 
see a preview here:

This will also be the very first concert with our whole performing concept reorganized. As we don’t have a sound guy, but are in desperate need of one, we again turned to that wonderful invention called computer for help. So, if it doesn’t crash (funnily enough, computers are still as reliable as humans) and cause some emotions like hatred towards our new little fellow, the new set up should be a big asset to our firm.

We’ve set up a project in Mainstage2 to contain channels for our vocals, synths, backing tracks and rhythm machines and we used our trusty Akai MPC1000 to queue all the effects and changes throughout a song. So, no more floor vocal effects and finally sound engineer at the club will have a control of our drum vocal and synth levels separately. Not to bore you with details, this is quite an improvement and we are excited to try it out. But if it fails us…..

So, the musical part of the evening is all set. In the next post, we will acknowledge the other aspect of the concert and all the people who unselfishly helped us to get what we wanted. And all of that just to make you, the ones who will attend, as comfortable and as special as we can. Signing off before we become more pathetic :P

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Preorder Kimiko album and make a good deed!

A lot is going on lately, we can barely manage to keep you updated : ) So, we got our album cloned in hundreds and we must say that they look quite dandy all wrapped in cellophane. It looks so lovely that our hearts tear a bit every time we have to unwrap one of our babies. But also, there is not a greater joy than seeing someone else unwrap it before our eyes and checking it out for the first time : ))) It already feels like Christmas in our camp : )

Since we are already in Christmas spirit, and since our record company encourages it, we are happy to announce that 15% from all our sales (album download or CD purchase + all merchandise) will be donated to an organization which helps gifted children to get, through various programs, necessary additional education, stimulants and motivation. Usually, very smart children might manifest all sorts of problems which a standard schooling system cannot recognize or just lacks a proper education in dealing with such kids, leaving them bored in class, unmotivated and frustrated. Endorsing programs which help such children express themselves and which challenge their intellect can only lead to a better world these kids will hopefully strive to create with their innovations and work. In these changeable times we live in, where little thought is given to the future, we need to find individuals and give them a proper boost in order to lead this world out of its hypocrite behaviour it is experiencing right now.

So, by pre-ordering and buying our album, you will not only get excellent music : ), but you will also make a small donation for, what we altruistically believe, a better world. Or, at least, some smart kid’s ideas won’t get smothered, but he or her will get a chance for proper attention and development and not end up crazy or mediocre.

Officially, album’s release date is November 22nd, but you can pre-order it NOW on our bandcamp page. You can also listen to the entire album, plus, we are giving our first single AK 47 free for download, because this is how nice people we are! : D

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