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22.11.2011 the album is officially out!

11 years and two weeks ago Lora met Zoran. It was the very first rehearsal of Lora’s new band Robbie Kane and the other co-founder Tomislav brought Zoran along as he knew he was into brit pop, just as Lora was. Two weeks later Lora and Zoran were an item. So much so, that for the next four years they didn’t do music at all. Then “Penguin in a Golden Coat” happened, reminding them how much fun it is to make and explore music. This experiment included blender, guitar, synth and some heavy sound processing and manipulaton. It reminded them that having a band gives you excuses to play with instruments more often, so they decided to gather one. Sometime later we will write about all the people that passed through Kimiko. But this is not about them. This is a love story.

And this love story’s baby is the album “From Our Room To Yours”, released to the world on this very special day. As everything else, this date was not chosen by chance.

Most of the songs from the album mark a special moment or a memory in their lives. No line and no sound is there by accident. One song happened when they were apart for a longer period of time. The other one is about losing someone close. There is a song about Lora’s weakness and there is a song about Zoran’s weakness. There is a song about their goals, about their love and about their fears. It took some time. They were often distracted both by other projects (3 years in Lollobrigida & recording their album certainly took them off the beaten track) and by their own laziness, but once determined and rid of all excess bagage, it didn’t take that long.

We are already thinking about the next one. While you will be discovering all the emotions and thrills of this album, we will already be working on something new. And we can already tell you that it will be something completely different. It will probably be a represenation of the feelings which we are experiencing right now. And these feelings are of pure joy and happiness that we have one big load off of our shoulders and that we can finally move on.

See you on the other side.

Buy/listen to our album here.

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