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4th big announcement

And finally, we rolled to the 4th big announcement - the tour “From Our Room To Your Venues”!

It’s a week away and we are getting properly ready for the road, all geared up :)

If you are in the neighborhood, please join us at:

21.3. Rongy Kocsma - Szeged, HU
22.3. Mladost - Subotica, SR
23.3. Kino Vlaikova - Alarma Punk Jazz festival - Sofia, BG
24.3. Centar za kultura - Bitola, MK
25.3. Kanal 103 (stream: - Skopje, MK
28.3. La Kana - Skopje, MK
29.3. Wire - Kumanovo, MK
30.3. BIGZ - Beogad, SR 

To all women, happy, sad, beautiful, insecure, reckless, men-eaters, vain, sweethearts, we wish a happy women’s day! And we give you free download of a song about certain type of women - Golden Dress. Enjoy!

!! VIDEO FOR AK 47 !! 

If you knew in advance that you would spend much more time than planned on doing something, would you still do it?

Well, when in the end you enjoy the result as much as we have, then you can’t argue with the fact that the effort did pay out and that all that passed time was just a small price to pay..

We started shooting the video for AK 47 sometime in October, honestly thinking we would have it by November 25 as announcement for the big promotion party following the release of our album “From Our Room To Yours”.

Then some complications with locations happened (permits, permits, permits). Then there was a lot of really bad weather. Then there were headaches and extra work. But in the end, there were enthusiastic people who made this video come to life as it is. Who did it all in their spare time, stealing away the time from their families to bring life and colorfulness into otherwise gray and dim footage. Neven Zubak had a vision and we followed him without a word. With a help from his brother Goran, they diligently converted this video, frame by frame, into a fairy dream land which with its mood and surrealistic colours perfectly describes the song’s atmosphere. 

Yet another broken heart love story? It might be, but we tell it like we see it, and there is nothing dignified in suffering, in feeling constantly betrayed and heartbroken. You may know it is not healthy and you should stop feeling like that, but if it were only that easy. If only there was a switch you could turn on and off, if only there was a metaphorical trigger you could pull, if only the pain could be ripped out and you could stop being a zombie.

The locations Neven picked couldn’t have been chosen better - splendid buildings and spaces with their vast strength and coldness can perfectly describe relationship between two people. You can admire them, you can respect them, you can be intimidated by them, you can feel small and insignificant, you can feel lost, found or totally indifferent. What you feel about something/someone comes out of you and out of your perception of the observed object. These visions can sometimes found a mutual ground. Sometimes, they are just an illusion.

Illusion of reality. Illustration of possible parallel reality. That is what we felt while shooting on the location of never finished hospital which should have brought so much to the community. To the people. All the money invested in someone’s idea of prosperity, of making people’s lives better is decaying more and more by each minute, even now as I type these letters and the thought of it is making us very sad. It seems that ‘others’ are always making some decisions that influence us, but if we raise our voice it only echoes back to us having nowhere to settle on the other side. (For those not familiar with the story - there is a huuuge hospital building whose built started probably some 20-25 (?) years ago. It never got finished although many governments have always raised that issue during the election times. So much money has been spent on it, and now it just sits there, rotting…).

This song could easily be about that. About injustice and about illusion of happiness which we await but which never comes. And we cannot take it anymore and we wish that there is someone who could just stop this agony and stop our misery. When we realize that the medicine is us - each of us is the one who can help us, maybe than we will be able to laugh at this song. I hope one day we will.

Please watch and share this video, if you like it.

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So here it is!

OK, it is missing last 21 seconds (?!?), but here it finally is!! :)))

MTV web premiere of the video clip for the first single from our album “From Our Room To Yours”. The video was made by Neven Zubak and Bozoo Art and we are very pleased with how they’ve done the job! :)

Soon we will put it on you tube and write a word or two more about the video.

Thanks for watching and sharing :*


From press release:

Kimiko's new AK47 video on MTV!

Always innovative and modern, Kimiko have made such a big surprise
even for us at Geenger Records label! Electro-pop with HD quality is
really a refreshment on the scene; Zoran and Lora know how to present
their audio-visual message to the audience.

Neven Zubak & BoozooArt helped with the visual construction of the
love disorientation and rupture that AK47 is about. Locations which
they found are perfect for the song's atmosphere, and the band members
had a chance to look through the surrealistic world in colours just like the aliens. 

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Treat your ears right. Download this album for free.

TODAY ONLY we are giving away our album FOR FREE - enjoy your Holidays with a little bit of Kimiko spirit and don’t eat all the cookies!! 

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Kimiko - Berlin (by KimikoTV)

The footage used for this video was recorded by Zoran & Lora on their road trip across USA in 2010 and is used here as background visual for the song. Most probably the song Berlin will be the 2nd single from the album From Our Room To Yours.

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About guests at the concert on the 25th

Rehearsals are going great, thank you very much for asking. Almost everything is set for the big promotion of our album “From Our Room To Yours” on Friday, 25th, in Močvara. We have Le Zbor joining us on stage for two songs, we have Lidija Dokuzović singing one of our songs (it will be tough to follow after her, but hey, we never claimed our voices and singing capabilities are great :P ). 
see a preview here:

We have Felon (who is also a supporting act for Kimiko that evening) helping us out in two songs and Lana will join us in one song with her beautifully sounding cello. 
see a preview here:

This will also be the very first concert with our whole performing concept reorganized. As we don’t have a sound guy, but are in desperate need of one, we again turned to that wonderful invention called computer for help. So, if it doesn’t crash (funnily enough, computers are still as reliable as humans) and cause some emotions like hatred towards our new little fellow, the new set up should be a big asset to our firm.

We’ve set up a project in Mainstage2 to contain channels for our vocals, synths, backing tracks and rhythm machines and we used our trusty Akai MPC1000 to queue all the effects and changes throughout a song. So, no more floor vocal effects and finally sound engineer at the club will have a control of our drum vocal and synth levels separately. Not to bore you with details, this is quite an improvement and we are excited to try it out. But if it fails us…..

So, the musical part of the evening is all set. In the next post, we will acknowledge the other aspect of the concert and all the people who unselfishly helped us to get what we wanted. And all of that just to make you, the ones who will attend, as comfortable and as special as we can. Signing off before we become more pathetic :P

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Kimiko Live 30.9.2011. - Pogon Jedinstvo, Zg

We were asked to play as a support act for I’m From Barcelona, a very fun Swedish band. We actually saw them live two years ago and although we didn’t listen to their music before, the concert was enormously entertaining and we were planning to go and see them again anyways, so this turned out to be swell : )

Here is link to the facebook event:

We will start around 11PM. The address of Pogon Jedisvo is Trnjanski nasip bb (Močvara).

& This is how it was at their last concert : ) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(photo by me)

& this is how it was at ours : ) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(photo by Darjan Grilec)

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