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So, the first single from our upcoming album is AK 47 and these days we’ve been making a video for the song. Actually, Neven Zubak is making it, we’re just playing along :)

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Photographers featured in our booklet are: DARKO VAUPOTIĆ, MATEA JOCIĆ, MAJA RAŠIĆ and MARIO LEKO

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The bun is in the oven!

We are waiting for our album to come out of the press and, as I promised before, it is time to tell a little bit more about the booklet.

I decided to go with a design which would accompany our story - everything we ever did we did in our home. We made ourselves a studio in our living room in which we recorded this album. Actually, our whole apartment was subjected to music making and music recording. So I wanted the booklet to also look “home made”, like something made offhand.

But also, I wanted to utilize the given space for something else, not just for the usual band stuff, and that’s when the idea of using this space for representing croatian photographers came into my mind. 

While leaving London after our mastering session, I bought myself a polaroid camera which I found by chance, in an almost hidden both at Piccadilly Circus underground (if I’m not mistaken). I took a picture of Zoran as we were waiting for the tube to take us to the airport and as I was looking at it developing right there, I knew what our album cover would look like and was very anxious to come home and make it.

Later on, I contacted four photographers and represented the idea about featuring their work in our booklet. Luckily, they were all willing. It definitely wasn’t an easy task choosing the right picture to accompany lyrics of a particular song, but without lyrics, it would have bean equally hard job. You need to choose just two or three photos among so many great photos which these wonderful people and photographers took. I know that for them each photo has its story, its emotions, and here I tried to interpret their work into ours. But, art is tricky like that, once you make something and let it live its own life, you must count on it being both appreciated and misused. Yet, it does stand there, open to anyone’s interpretation, and, for me, the beautiful moment happens when other person’s interpretation coincides with your own. I know that many artists don’t care about how their work will be interpreted or they themselves don’t have a fixed interpretation, but I usually do and I enjoy seeing that massage grasped by others, although, it is not my ultimate goal :P

If I had been choosing these photos on a different day, after a different meal, maybe after just having had sex or a terrible day at work (which probably was, I can’t miss with that one…), some other pictures would have been chosen for sure. But, let’s stop overanalyzing everything… here is the back side cover, in the next post, I’ll post the photos.

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Album artwork? Yes/No?
Maybe! Lora likes it. Well… she made it, so she’s biased…

Album artwork? Yes/No?

Maybe! Lora likes it. Well… she made it, so she’s biased…

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